Eco Sensible

Eco-Sensible Dry Cleaner

Zoom Dry Cleaning of Pittsburgh strives to do what it can to reduce its impact on the environment.

By using environmentally friendly products and processes, we make a daily effort to provide great service while keeping you, your family, and your ecosystem safe. Our cleaning machines are equipped with an eco-friendly solvent that is good for the environment and also better for garments.

Our paper process is greatly reduced by the use of a touch screen POS system. As a result, our printed receipt is smaller in size (and cost!) than our competitors.  We are in the process of developing an email option so that there's no need for receipts to be printed at all.

We barcode garments where possible so that they may be scanned instead of using pins and paper tags each time a garment visits one of our stores.

We recycle and reuse all the hangers we can get our hands on!

We use the thinnest poly to bag your clothes reducing the amount of plastic consumption. We also offer The Green Garmento as a reusable, VIP bag that serves as a hamper at home, as a garment carrier for dirty clothes and replaces the need for poly to cover your freshly dry cleaned clothes.

All of our equipment is new with the highest efficiency and process ratings available reducing our electric and gas demands. While our cleaning machines are equipped with eco-friendly solvent that is better for garments as well.