ZOOM Dry Cleaning Services

servicesYou are smart, confident and you know what you want.  While, Zoom Dry Cleaning of Pittsburgh offers you an alternative to the traditional, you can trust that your garments and household items are in good hands.

Our store is built to allow customers to see production taking place. We encourage customers to ask questions, to learn and to understand how dry cleaning works.  You’ll see that we spend time inspecting items, treating stains, sorting specialty garments for delicate treatment and inspecting again. Anything you would expect from a traditional full-priced competitor can be attained at Zoom Dry Cleaning facility. Feel free to ask for a tour.

Here’s a list of things we clean.  If it’s not listed then feel free to ask.

Regular Garments Linens Household Items Formal Attire
Men’s Shirts – Dry Cleaned and Laundered Comforters Drapes Wedding Gowns
Business Casual Blankets Curtains Tuxedos
Professional Attire Duvets Slip Covers Christening Gowns
Medical Scrubs Sheets Prom Dresses
Coats Pillow Cases Evening Wear
Choir Robes Shams
Table Cloths
Fire Department Uniforms
Police Uniforms
Security Uniforms
Marching Band Uniforms