About Us


Our Story: Anne & Torry Rollins

Quality dry cleaning with fast service doesn’t have to be expensive. In other states where we lived, it was made more affordable by dry cleaning companies like Zoom.

When we moved to Pittsburgh, we couldn’t find a dry cleaner with value pricing and fast service. So, we thought that we would open a store that provided it.  A franchise of the same Zoom Dry Cleaning that we enjoyed in other states.

We are proud to bring the Zoom concept to the historic Squirrel Hill area and its surrounding neighborhoods. There’s a sense of community & legacy here that we find refreshing. The people here are smart, independent thinkers, who know a good deal when they see it.

We know that Zoom works because we’ve used it! It’s not cheap or discounted. It’s simple. It’s value.

We’re excited to share a new approach to dry cleaning with Pittsburgh and we look forward to being here for years to come.